Qi-Gong Center Class Descriptions

Soaring Crane

One of the most reputable and beneficial Qigong schools from China, Soaring Crane Qigong claimed over 20 million followers as soon as it was first introduced to the public in the early 1980s. It was the first qigong to be taught openly and widely in China. The Chinese government has recently designated Soaring Crane as the "official" Chinese qigong.

Crane Style qigong is a combination of physical movements and mental meditations, with Five Routines as its foundation. The movements in the Five Routines are smooth and graceful, while the meditation in a standing position is tranquilizing and healing.

This Qigong practice aims at invigorating the functions of the body as well as the mind, so as to effectively treat any possible illness and preserve sound health. The form is divided into 2 parts: Part I (Five Routines), and II (Standing Meditation).


Life Information

This Qigong was perceived and created by Master Shen through decades of Qigong practice. It has three components: life information pictures, life information sounds, and life information transmission. Each of the three components has unique and effective healing power. In addition, they can help bring to full swing the latent abilities of human beings.


Ruyi Zen

This form was created by Master Wu. Ruyi means "As you like", an auspicious phrase in the Chinese language. When a person's arms and legs are symmetrically positioned in the Ruyi pattern, a Ruyi position of the body is reached.

Ruyi Zen Qigong requires formation of Ruyi positions, the entrance into a pious state of mind, and the collection of essential energy from the universe. Seemingly simple, this Qigong can lead the practitioner into the realm of ultimate freedom and unity with the universe.


Six Sound
Heart Method

Since sound is a form of energy, sound has its value not only in art and communication, but also in medical application. The six sounds used in this Qigong are the optimal choice for the human natural voice range.

Once resonance is produced by the sounds from the body, the practitioner will enter a state of maximal psychosomatic harmony, thus considerably enhancing health and improving bodily functions. It is a unique way of readjusting internal organ energy and for development of mental strength.


Walking Crane

This form is a higher level of Chinese Soaring Crane Qigong. The practitioner walks in certain patterns and postures, incorporating the traditional Chinese "Ba-gua" figure and the basic principles of Crane Style Qigong.


Qigong Forms

Ba-Duan-Jin ("Eight Pieces of Brocade")
This traditional form has a history of over one thousand years. The eight seemingly simple excercises combine strength and softness, and have proven over time to be effective in enhancing human health.

Traditional Six Sound Method
A traditional Qigong form designed to enhance human health by articulating six different sounds (corresponding to six human inner organs).


Qigong Teacher

The Qigong Center offers special classes for those who would like to become Qigong (particularly Soaring Crane Qigong) instructors. The candidates are required to learn Soaring Crane Qigong first, then take two elective classes, followed by the Qigong Teaching Method, and finally to participate in a number of teaching practice sessions.


Qigong Healing

The Qigong Center offers healing sessions for people with specific needs. Each session normally lasts for about 30 minutes. Individual appointments are required.


Feng Shui--
Harmonizing Your
Living Space

This is a new class designed to help you become familar with basic concepts and principles of Feng-Shui. You will also learn the relationship between Feng-Shui and Qi, and some practical guidelines on maximizing the favorable elements (and minimizing the unfavorable elements) in your living space.



These are higher level forms of Chinese Crane Style Qigong. The practitioner meditates in various sitting or lying positions, so as to maximize the healing effects.