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From my informal study of qigong and Chinese martial arts, I have learned that there are two essential ingredients needed for proper study. One, a good student, and two, a good teacher. I can't say if I am a "good student" or not. Master Shen, however, is the teacher I have been looking for.

Having a general love for Chinese culture and its physical arts. I started out looking for a Tai Chi teacher. None that I came across gave me confidence. When I decided to try out Soaring Crane. I knew after my first class that Master Shen was a teacher I wanted to study with even though she wasn't teaching Tai Chi.

Master Shen projected caring, confidence and an easy-going posture. All of this attracted me to her teaching. She cared that we learn correctly the movements and the names of the movements. Master Shen made learning Soaring Crane fun and easy, giving myself and fellow students a little bit (the movements) at a time.

Master Shen by being very patient gave me the impression that she knew myself and fellow students had the intelligence to learn.

All this alone has contributed greatly to my Soaring Crane Qigong practice, which in one sentence or less gives me peace of mind, heals my neck, shoulders, wrists and any other pains that I incur from my everyday life. I know I am doing something immensely good for myself and others. And that's a lot of love.

Fitzcarl, 25 years old New Yorker

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