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Assistant Instructor Janet (right), Leading a Standing Meditation Class

I first became acquainted with Soaring Crane qigong when my acupuncturist recommended that I learn it in order to improve my health. She said "these people can really throw energy around a room." I signed up for a course and went. I remember learning the five routines, almost falling over trying to do Routine Four (Crane Touching Water). Master Shen and Master Wu made it look so easy, and I grasped the general idea quickly. I practiced diligently, and started to improve. In the past I had studied yoga, but I would always take a course and then drop it. But somehow, Soaring Crane qigong really appealed to me--I can't explain it, except that I found the combination of physical movements and mental direction very satisfying. I took the Standing Meditation class, then a Six Sounds class, the then--well, I think you could say I got bitten by the qigong bug. By now I've taken just about every class the Qigong Center offers.

When Master Shen asked if I wanted to take the teacher training class, I initially discounted the idea. But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like the right thing to do. First of all, I am a teacher (of music), so the teaching part would be a matter of knowing Soaring Crane qigong really well, and the teaching part would follow naturally. Another reason seemed like a selfish one--if I became a teach or of Soaring Crane qigong, it would mean that I would continue my practice and not drop out. Soaring Crane qigong would be a part of my life. It's now four years later and qigong is very much a part of my life. I love teaching Soaring Crane qigong.

Practicing qigong has also affected my life in other, subtle ways. I am generally happier and more balanced. People tell my I am more grounded. And even though I can't put my finger on a precise benefit, I know that my singing has improved tremendously since I have been practicing Soaring Crane qigong.

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