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Assistant Instructor Jessica (right), leading a Soaring Crane Qigong class


I remember my first Qi gong class. We were told to stand with two feet about the shoulder's width apart, parallel to each other and then we proceeded with learning Routine One. I was struggling with the standing position. I had a hard time keeping my feet parallel. Master Shen sensed something and said "you are in a lot of pain". I started crying, "Yes," I said. she asked me to sit down and began to move her hand along my legs without actually touching me. I didn't feel anything. But 30 seconds later there was no pain and I was able to participate in the class. I knew something happened. My feet were now parallel without the pain.

When I signed up for the class, I knew I wanted to hone in on my healing abilities. Many years ago, I worked with actualism and noted my ability to psychically see things beyond myself. We worked with energy. My hands seems to hold a radient healing light. Twenty years later, I find myself wanting to further develop this natural phenomena.

I was told that it would take some time, maybe several months, before I would feel the Qi. And, if I continued to practice evertyday, I would soon notice something. One morning as I stood in my bedroom, beginning Routine One, I did the usual procedure, which is to visualize Qi entering at bai-hui point. I've been doing this for months and this morning I felt it enter my body and find it's way down into the center of my body. Yes. This is it. I felt the Qi. I've practiced Soaring Crane Qi Gong since I enrolled over two years ago. I'm not a very disciplined person, but I know there is something in this practice that keeps me focused and committed. I know I need to do this for me. And, I know I can't be sloppy and inconsistent about it.

I have participated in 8 different Soaring Crane Qi Gong classes. In addition to the basic classes, I have also learned to channel my energy to use in healing not only myself but others as well. I am currently learning how to teach Qi Gong. As a student teacher I am not only fine-tuning my practice but am learning to overcome my own inhibition about standing in front of a group and sharing what I have learned. I am learning the art of communication.

I especially like the classroom. I am with a group of people, all focused on the same thing...good energy...healing. I can feel the difference between my practice at home versus the classroom. It is as if the whole room radiates Qi. There is a vibration so strong, I can feel my face get all flushed. I feel my hands filled with Qi. Aches and pains I came in with, disappear by the end of the class. There are days I come in with low energy and leave flying.

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