Life Information Paintings

SET #1

10 Postcards, 5"X5", $50

1016901.jpg (3238 bytes) 1016901 Lung channel, large intestine channels, Dai Mai
5129119.jpg (3332 bytes) 5129119 Chest, intestine, stomach, lower abdomen, legs, feet
1023901.jpg (3006 bytes) 1023901 Heart, heart blood system, heart channels
102391.jpg (3254 bytes) 102391 Heart, lung, windpipe, esophagus, tongue, mouth, throat, nose, large intestine channels, Shan Jiao channels, small intestine channels, lung channels, pericardium channels, heart channels
920901.jpg (3609 bytes) 920901 Kidney channels, liver channels, lung channels, pericardium channels, heart channels
905901.jpg (3337 bytes) 905901 Heart channels, pericardium channels
1013903.jpg (2812 bytes) 1013903 Neck, shoulders, back, hands, arms, chest
1013902.jpg (2683 bytes) 1013902 Eyes, Tian Mu, waist, stomach, Ren Mai meridian, Du Mai meridian
921901.jpg (3171 bytes) 921901 Chest, abdomen, waist, kidney
2199230.jpg (3094 bytes) 2199230 Hands, arms, shoulders, legs, knees, feet, back, waist, abdomen


SET #2

10 Postcards, 5"X5", $50

1006902.jpg (3149 bytes) 1006902 Entire body energy and blood
1025901.jpg (11505 bytes) 1025901 Spine pain, head, face, trigeminal nerve pain
1020901.jpg (8842 bytes) 1020901 Blood pressure
5239111.jpg (9113 bytes) 5239111 Sexual functions
909902.jpg (3606 bytes) 909902 Brain, sleep
5199112.jpg (3457 bytes) 5199112 Pollen allergy, respiratory tract
914911315.jpg (2836 bytes) 914911315 Entire body channels, upper Dan Tian, middle Dan Tian, lower Dan Tian, three Dan Tians combined
1011906.jpg (9570 bytes) 1011906 Zhong Mai meridian, energy passing through all Dan Tians linking the body with the universe
1024902.jpg (12428 bytes) 1024902 Waist, kidney, liver, gall, spleen, stomach
229921440.jpg (13155 bytes) 229921440 Face, hair, arms, legs, shoulders and back


SET #3

10 Postcards, 5"X5", $50

921902.jpg (3510 bytes) 921902 Chest, breast
510911638.jpg (2219 bytes) 510911638 Arms, shoulders, spine, chest
1011905.jpg (10363 bytes) 1011905 Entire body energy and blood
51791140.jpg (2217 bytes) 51791140 Joint
905911840.jpg (8566 bytes) 905911840 Pelvis, pelvic cavity
526911345.jpg (3548 bytes) 526911345 Gynecological functions
302920232.jpg (3215 bytes) 302920232 Middle Dan Tian, shoulders, arms, neck, face, ears, feet
301921330.jpg (2755 bytes) 301921330 Pericardium channels, large intestine channels
523911530.jpg (2831 bytes) 523911530 Blood pressure
504911830.jpg (2647 bytes) 504911830 Entire body energy field



10"X10", $20 Each

1025901.jpg (11505 bytes) 5129119.jpg (3332 bytes) 2199230.jpg (3094 bytes)
1025901 5129119 2199230
920901.jpg (3609 bytes) 1013902.jpg (2683 bytes) 1011906.jpg (9570 bytes)
920901 1013902 1011906
The life information pictures have special healing effects. Simply look at the pictures in a relaxed and calm state and sense the energy as it enters your body. Each picture has its own unique energy field that promotes healing of different internal organs, eliminate sickness, and enhances the energy level in your body.

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