SET #2, $50

1006902.jpg (3149 bytes) 1006902 Entire body energy and blood
1025901.jpg (11505 bytes) 1025901 Spine pain, head, face, trigeminal nerve pain
1020901.jpg (8842 bytes) 1020901 Blood pressure
5239111.jpg (9113 bytes) 5239111 Sexual functions
909902.jpg (3606 bytes) 909902 Brain, sleep
5199112.jpg (3457 bytes) 5199112 Pollen allergy, respiratory tract
914911315.jpg (2836 bytes) 914911315 Entire body channels, upper Dan Tian, middle Dan Tian, lower Dan Tian, three Dan Tians combined
1011906.jpg (9570 bytes) 1011906 Zhong Mai meridian, energy passing through all Dan Tians linking the body with the universe
1024902.jpg (12428 bytes) 1024902 Waist, kidney, liver, gall, spleen, stomach
229921440.jpg (13155 bytes) 229921440 Face, hair, arms, legs, shoulders and back

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