Read what qigong students have to say ...    smile.gif

Adnan  "Qi often surprises the standing meditation by moving you in spontaneous directions and opening up blockages, releasing tension, and helping you to experience your problems and your interests with an intimacy that I personally haven't known in any other place or time."
Alti  "I want everyone to know about these two very special healers. God bless them."
Fitzcarl   "[Soaring Crane qigong] gives me peace of mind, heals my neck, shoulders, wrists and any other pains that I incur from my everyday life. I know I am doing something immensely good for myself and others."
Janet "All aspects of my singing and performance have improved tremendously." glasses.gif
Jessica  "Aches and pains I came in with, disappear by the end of the class. There are days I come in with low energy and leave flying. glasses.gif

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